Airway Management Course

The American Heart Association Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care emphasize the need for rescuers to avoid hyperventilation.
The American Heart Association Airway Management Course is new and unique program specifically designed to give students the opportunity to learn, practice and demonstrate many airway skills used in resuscitation. The course will improve competency in critical airway skills & will expands reach in providing this critical skill to a broader audience of facilitators.
Healthcare providers whose occupation or volunteer activities require airway management skills, in addition to professionals in the field of resuscitation and airway management, such as scientists, educators, researchers, and manufacturers of medical devices may find the course beneficial.


Airway Management Student Guide


Airway Management includes five modules —
Oxygen Therapy

Bag-Mask Ventilation and Airway Adjuncts (required)

Laryngeal Mask Airway

Esophageal-Tracheal Combitube

Endotracheal Tube


  •  Audio visuals classroom training

  •  Skills demonstration in short video

  •  Student’s skills practice on manikin